Essentially, Students who are applying to a business school or another management program usually take the GMAT. Students who plan to study most other subjects in graduate school usually take the GRE.

However, some graduate schools give their prospective students the choice of which test to take. Thus, it is essential that you do the through research about a college before you apply to it and you should know the difference between the GRE and GMAT so you can choose the test that best emphasizes your strengths.

Two essential differences between the GRE and the GMAT are that of cost and location. The GRE costs $185, compared to the GMAT at $250. While this tidy sum may not seem like a deal breaker, the price difference may become an issue if you need to retake the GMAT. The GRE is also offered at more locations than the GMAT.

There are also differences in the verbal and math content of the GRE and GMAT. The verbal section of the GRE is focused more on vocabulary. The GMAT verbal puts more emphasis on grammar, logic and reasoning skills. While both the GRE and GMAT are designed for native English speakers, the GRE favours those with a strong knowledge of English. That's why non-native English speakers may find the GMATs verbal section easier.

The biggest content difference

The biggest content difference, however, is between both exams Math. GRE math emphasizes on a more analytical and quick math solution. GMAT math, however, requires you to create a systematic approach in order to answer word problems. In order to get into business school, you need to demonstrate that you have a quantative background. So, if you come from a weaker quantative background such as non-profit or the military, you will have to rely on the GMAT or GRE to show your quantative skills. That's why your math abilities may be the deciding factor of what test you choose to take.

If you are a great test taker, it's best to stick with the tried and true GMAT. If you are seeking a dual degree, however, such as a MBA/Master of Public Policy degree, the GRE is your best choice since you will only have to take one test.